Friday, April 4, 2008

the agenda

i haven't really got into the habit of a totally gluten-free diet as of yet. i mean i've bought gluten-free pastas, some gluten-free snacks and some gluten-free breakfast foods. i can have regular red sauces with my pasta just not alfredo and i haven't bought gluten-free alfredo yet so i've been eating regular. there are several factors that come into play as to why i haven't yet, for 1. it's expensive. 2. there's a lot of alternatives to look for and buy and i am limited to what and where to buy these gluten-free products in my area and 3. it takes a little while to get used to and in the habit of knowing what to buy and what to eat. my boyfriend's aunt has it and i plan to sit down with her and learn more about it and also go grocery shopping with her once and maybe find out about more places to buy that i don't know about yet. i've learned of a couple places that have great product lists, but there have a little bit of a drive to get to and this is something i'm going to have to do frequently, so i hope to find more local resources.

  • i need to drink more water, lots of it!
  • i need to take more vitamins and on a daily basis, in the morning and at night before i go to bed.
  • i need to lay off the caffeine, soda and coffee. i love them both! they're so bad for you!
  • i need to work out and get into a weekly habit of jogging or walking with a friend and doing exercises and stretches at home everyday.

i really need to take care of myself and get myself into shape. i'll feel better and feel better about myself.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


i have always had stomach problems and i have never gone to a gastroentrologist in my life. the thought of going to one never even came up. once i started working for a primary care doctor's office, i realized that why should i feel like shit everyday of my life if i can do something about it amd get down to the bottom of it. i faxed a letter over to my doctor's office to see if he could refer me to a group that the doctor's office i work for refers a lot of our patients to. they're called saratoga-schenectady gastroentrology, a large group of dedicated specialists with three different locations. so my doctor faxed an insurance referral over to saratoga-sch gastro and i received a call a couple days later to be set up for a consult appointment. i got my appointment scheduled with a doctor by the name of dr william gusten. he just joined the group recently from long island. he is a really good doctor and he takes good care of me. he helps me out a lot. at least now i know the root of the problem and i now i know how to treat myself and make myself feel better. i'm very anemic because i'm not absorbing any nutrients, so i have to start taking more vitamins and drink lots of water and no more wheat!! i can't wait to make myself healthier!